Independent Woman

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Two Aussie surfers compete to impregnate a French tourist.


“I’m doing a world tour,” she said.

Ella’s sleek blonde hair fell perfectly about her heart-shaped face, over her shoulders, and just far enough to touch her first-rate breasts, cleavage exposed.

She was the most perfect thing they’d ever seen.

Toby and Cory, two Aussie surfers from Brisbane, were sitting with her at a table at the hostel bar, and couldn’t believe their ears.

“You’re doing a world tour…” Repeated Cory. “Like… To get pregnant?”

He sure was blunt.

Ella, banker living in Paris, had just told them with the slightest hint of a French accent, that she was twenty-seven, successful, and didn’t need a man to have a family. Just to start one.

“If it happens, it happens,” she said simply, and got up with a mischievous smile to go to the bar. They watched her go.

“Fuck, Cory mate, you’re gonna have to sit this one out. This is a job for the Tobe-master.”

“Piss off mate, you know my dick’s bigger than yours. She needs what I got.”

They’d been mates since they were seven, and wing-men since twelve. They were now twenty-two, built, toned, tanned, and hairless. After four years’ work on construction sites, they’d saved enough to see the world. First stop: London. And they couldn’t believe their luck.

Cory got up to follow her, but Toby grabbed him around the waist. He could feel Cory’s abs through his shirt. Fuck him, he thought. He thrust Cory to one side, and arrived at the bar first.

“What can I get you?” He smiled.

“But I’ve already ordered,” she responded with a frown.

“Have you been to Australia yet?” He asked, changing tack.

“Not yet.”

“Oh, you’re missing out.”

“I am?”

“I think you’ll find it more than satisfactory.”

“How so?”

“Yeah, quality — ah — produce.”

“Quality produce?”


“Ella! Hey ELLA!”

They both turned. Cory was on the other end of the bar with a brown-haired woman.

“Have you met Sara? She’s French too. Where ya from, Sara? Marseille? She’s from Marseille!”

“Oh… Hi Sara!” Ella called down the bar.

She waved awkwardly, and turned back to Toby.

“Your friend’s a bit outlandish, isn’t he?”

“Sorry,” said Toby in earnest. “He’s a bit of a dickhead.”

“A cute dickhead, though.” She turned back to look down the bar. Cory was engaging Sara in conversation, but he was looking at Ella. She caught his eye and felt the smallest involuntary thrill at his glance.

“Come and join us!” Cory called.

“Does he-” Ella started, turning back to ask Toby a question, but stopped dead. Toby was suddenly shirtless. And shameless.

“We should get out of here, you and me.” Said Toby, helping himself to some peanuts. “I know a cool bar where you can dance on the tabletops.”

This is ridiculous, she thought to herself.

But she couldn’t help but stare.

With his shirt on, he had outstanding good looks. His height, his sharp jaw line and dirty blonde hair could draw the attention of any straight woman. And his directness was somewhat charming. Now though, as she looked at him, she was outright breathless. He was strong – oh so strong – with broad shoulders and smooth, flawless skin, an expansive chest, and abs more defined than an old-style telephone keypad.


A bouncer grabbed Toby by the shoulder.

“You can’t take that off in here!”

Toby turned to see the unit of a man, steely-faced and unforgiving.

“Sorry — spilled my drink on it – I’m fixing it!”

“You’re out of here pal.”

The bouncer steered Toby toward the door and away from his prize.

“I’ll be in the common room! Come and join me for a drink!” he shouted back hopefully.

She watched him go, a look of exasperation on her face.

“What. A. Dickhead.” Came a voice behind her. It was Cory. “No respect. No respect at all for a high-class joint like this one.”

Ella looked around. It was a dive bar.

“It seems you’re hanging out with your wrong people.”

“Isn’t he your friend?”

“Come with me, I want to introduce you to some REAL folk.”

He turned and with a shrug, she followed him. His bubble butt, cute and tight, danced in his confident gait as she walked along behind him.

What’s wrong with me? She thought to herself. Is this what I’m going for? Are these the genetics I want for my kid? Genes from a classless larrikin?

And still, she couldn’t look away. His sunkissed skin glowed in the dim lighting: he looked so flawless to her. There was such a powerful sexual energy emanating from his princely torso that she wouldn’t have been surprised if his shirt caught fire in front of her.

Meanwhile, illegal bahis Toby was outside looking in one of the windows. Cory and Ella sat down together at a table. She seemed to be expecting someone else to come, but no one did. As he watched, Toby saw Cory start demonstrating the size of something with his hands.

Oh no, he thought.

Ella looked doubtful. Cory’s body language was insisting. Suddenly he stood up and dropped his pants. A giant cock flopped out of Cory’s tighty-whities. Toby had seen it a hundred times in the changing rooms at the beach. It was long and thick, seven inches soft, and much longer hard. It was heavy to hold. Toby knew this from once losing a bet.

Ella’s hands flew to her mouth.

“FUCK” said Toby, slamming his fists on the window.

He dashed to the door to see the same bouncer that threw him out.

“HEY! I’m not the only naked one! Look at that douche bag!”

“Sure bud-“


The bouncer turned and looked toward the table at the back. Ella was reaching out to touch his flaccid manhood.

“HEY-” the bouncer bellowed.

Through the door, Toby could see the Cory look up in surprise. The whole bar turned to look at Cory’s huge cock, and Toby heard several gasp in shock at the size of it. Cory grabbed at his pants, and dashed from the table, trying hard to zip his schlong away. As he ran, it flopped about like a salmon pulled from a river. Cory, with the bouncer on his heels, disappeared into the kitchen and out of sight. Toby took his chance. Slipping into the bar, he slid in next to Ella.

“Hey! Long time no see.”

“Where did you come from?”

“So, you and I don’t have much time. That bouncer knows my face.”

“I think I should be heading back to my room.”

“Great, I’ll walk you.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“London is a dangerous place for a single lady.”

Ella looked at him. He had dimples in his smile. She melted.

“Let’s go.”

Cory, dick packed away again and the bouncer lost from sight, was peering through the window just as Toby had.

She’s gone. Fuck.

He made his way back to the hostel, through the doors and towards the common room. The building was filled with babes, but he couldn’t shake the slim waist and almond eyes that belonged to Ella. And she wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be impregnated. She was travelling the world for the right dick, to bear some fuck boy’s kid for him, only to have him disappear forever, responsibility free. It would be a genuine high-order privilege to do the deed and deliver his seed into that womb. He knew he was the guy to do it for her. He just knew it.

He turned a corner at the end of a hall of dorm rooms, and that’s when he saw it. Ella’s tit. Her perfectly shaped breast revealed from under that soft grey sweater, held and being licked by none other than Toby.

Cory doubled back before either of them saw him.

That FUCKER. How did he move so fast?

Ella was gasping. He could hear her silky stifled moans.

“Toby, oh Toby, you’re making me, – oh –!”

Cory could practically hear her quiver.

Her breath was shallow, her voice gasping and moaning at his touch.

Fuck. What was he going to do?

“Ohhhh ha ha — wow, you’re moving fast, aren’t cha?” came Toby’s voice.

Cory heard the sound of a zipper.


“Ohhhh my God.” She gasped in shock. “Oh Toby, oh – can I lick it? Please can I lick it?”

“Baby-girl, I don’t normally let chicks see my cock on a first date-“

Then Cory saw the solution. A fire extinguisher on the wall opposite.

“I just want to taste it, baby, please-“

“Okay, just a little lick, just to taste me-“

As she sank to her knees, dick in hand and inches from her mouth, the two of them heard the sound of a great volume of air pass through a tiny opening, and they were covered in white powder.


“What’s happening?”

Cory dashed down the hall to hide himself in the next corridor, praying that his plan would send the two their separate ways. The dust was starting to settle.

“I’m covered in it!” came ella’s voice through the white. This is horrible! Who would do this?”

“Quickly,” said Toby urgently. “Take everything off and try to shake it out before the powder gets too deep into the fabric.”

The two of them started to strip down. Toby took off his shirt. Ella saw Toby’s body for the second time, and she felt a shockingly powerful desire suddenly burn deep in the floor of her pelvis. She took off her sweater and shirt, and facing Toby, she released her tits from her bra. They sprang free, bouncing slightly. Toby stopped taking off his trousers to stare.

“You”ll need to have a shower” He said in a choked illegal bahis siteleri voice. “My room is closest, come with me.”

They were now completely nude and strolling down the hall, their bodies covered in a light coating of the fire retardant. As they walked, Toby started to brush her lightly down, his hands exploring the curvature of her breasts, and the tight smooth surface of her stomach.

“Ugh, I think some of it has even gotten into my pussy.” She said, embarrassed.

She started to poke around there. Toby’s cock was now erect and was swinging from side to side as he walked.

“Don’t worry,” said Toby, consolingly. “I have something to clear it all out of there. We’ll get to work on it as soon as we’re in my room.”

Even with the room door closed behind them, their voices could be heard from the hall.

“Put a little bit of lube on it. To collect the dust.”

“You’re very wet there, so we should be able to get most of the powder out with a little bit of work.”

“You’re very big. Put it in slowly, won’t you?”

“Of course I will babe. Here, are you ready? I’m going to put the head in slowly-“

“Oh, it’s such a big head! Will it fit?”

“- we’ll need to get into every corner to make sure it’s all gone.”

Meanwhile, Core strutted down one of the hostel corridors.
Fuck, Cory thought. Where the hell did they go?

He quickened his pace.

If I were two horny fuckers, where would I go?

He suddenly heard something as he approached Toby’s room. Voices. Moans.

No, he thought. NO!

As he got closer, they got louder.

“Fuck yeah Ella, you like that dick don’t you?”

“Oh, oh oh! Fuuucccckkk, Keep going!” came a female voice.

“Fuck, you’re lucky Ella. You’re lucky you got my cock. It’s so much better than Cory’s, and you fucking know it, don’t ya?”

Cory put his ear to the door. He could feel the anger thumping in his ears.

“FUCK! You fill up my pussy so much! It feels so good to have your giant bell-ended cock inside me. Please, make me pregnant. You have to make me pregnant.”

“Urgh, my pleasure babe! Uhhhhhhh, it’s my duty to give you — ugh — what you need. I got a huge load of cum coming your — ugh – way.”

Cory opened the door. Ella and Toby were on the bed fucking madly in reverse cowgirl, his huge dick pistoning smoothly in and out of her pussy. No condom. Ella screamed. The door clicked shut behind him.

“Shit! Oh shit!”

She tried to cover up her perfect bouncing tits as she saw him. In shock, she sat down fully on it and winced having to take it all.

Toby, on the other hand, was laughing.

“Ha ha ha, fuck yeah, fucker! Look who got the pussy! Looks like I’m gonna be the daddy after all!”

He relaxed back into the pillow, his hands behind his head, his broad chest presenting proudly to the world.

“Feels so good to get the pussy you deserve mate. I wish you could feel this,” said Toby smugly.

“Fuck you mate,” responded Cory. “I hope your kids have buck teeth.”

He looked back at Ella, still clutching at her tits, unable to conceal them in their size. Strangely, she was looking directly at him with awe. Or was it desire? As they locked eyes, she slowly rose up on Toby’s shaft, and back down on it with a little moan.

“Oh yeah, baby,” said Toby. “That’s it. Show my friend over there what he’s missing.”

She did it again, still locking eyes with Cory, this time moaning a little louder.

“Fuck yeah,” he said. “That feels so fucking good on my cock.”

And before Cory knew it, the two of them were fucking shamelessly in front of him.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK,” she was screaming. “It’s so fucking good! This is EXACTLY the — urgh – dicking I needed!”

“Fuck yeah – OHHHHHH!”

“Almost!” she added.


While riding his dick, Ella locked eyes with Cory and then beckoned him over.

“Show me that huge, urgh, cock again, I have to see it again. Urgh. It was so big.”

“No,” Toby started, a note of plea in his voice as she rode him. “No, no, no, come on babe. We’re, urgh, having a good time here. No need to-“

Cory unzipped his pants and they dropped to the floor. His huge dick flopped out and bounced in front of him, and her eyes blazed with desire.

“That’s the biggest, urgh, fucking manhood, ugh, I’ve ever fucking seen,” she managed between grunts, still riding Toby with earnest. “I have to have it in me. I just have to.”

“But babe-” protested Toby, who sat up.

“I know you two don’t like to share,” she Ella to them. “But if you both want my pussy, you’ll have to be inside it at the same time.”

“What — no — ” Toby objected.

Cory looked at Toby.

“Lie back down,” he commanded. canlı bahis siteleri “The lady knows what she wants.”

Toby slowly lay back down, his eyes on Cory, and then on Cory’s big cock.

“But there’s not enough space for-“

“What do you mean bud? You mean my cock’s too big for her?”

He fell silent.

“Lie back,” Toby said to Ella, who did so.

Cory looked down at her. Her titties danced about as she slowly thrusted. Her legs were open wide for him, and as he looked down, he saw her neat little pussy with its hair trimmed and its lips wet and separated by his mate’s big dick. Toby’s cock, more than half swallowed into her vagina, had a great shape to it. Cory had always been honest about it. He had seen it erect in the showers. They’d been talking sex, and Toby had gotten a hard on. His foreskin had slipped back, revealing a perfectly-formed helmet-shaped pink cock head atop a long white shaft of eight inches. It often hurt his girlfriends, Toby had told him. It was weird to see his friend like this: at his proudest, and yet at his most vulnerable, laid out in front of him.

Cory’s cock stood out strong in front of his body, rock hard and ready to work. It was darker in colour than Toby’s, and whilst the shape was beautiful, it was the size that drew everyone’s attention: it was nine inches long; a full inch longer than Toby’s, and porn-star quality.

Cory didn’t really want to touch his mate’s cock, but it had to be done if this was going to work. Now on the bed learning over the two of them, he reached down an applied pressure to the underside of Toby’s cock, which was facing the ceiling. With a light sucking sound, it produced a little space above where Cory could slot himself in. He put his cock head on Toby’s dick, aligned himself, and slowly slid himself into her pussy alongside his mate.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” came the two voices of Ella and Toby as he did it.

His cock just kept going, deeper and deeper, inch by inch.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-” their voices seemed never to end, getting louder and higher in pitch.

Then finally, surprised at how well she had taken it all, Cory had fully installed his hardware in her.

He looked up. Ella had a pained expression, and Toby looked shocked.

“And now — ” said Cory, “- we begin.”

And the fucking started. Cory pummeled Ella’s hole with animal fervor, and the two of them took it like champs. After a moment, Toby started thrusting from underneath, and the two boys locked eyes.

They knew what was happening now.

The first one to shoot his load would be most likely to impregnate her. It was a race to fatherhood; a battle for the furthering of their own genetic material.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck-” came Ella’s voice between them.

“Hey fucker-” said Toby, trying to distract Cory. “I fucked your mother last week.”

“Hey — shut the fuck up.”

Cory grabbed Toby’s nipple.

“Argghhhh – STOP IT.”

“Oh, yes yes YES-” Ella was a force of her own. Nothing was going to stop her getting pregnant tonight. Nothing. She grabbed onto Cory and pulled him deeper inside of her.

“Hey Toby. You remember Lauren, your fifth grade crush? In year eleven, she gave me a blow job behind the science rooms.”


“Nope. She drank my cum right there and then. Her first taste of cock, actually.”

Toby pushed at Cory’s shoulders, trying to shove him off Ella, but his powerful arms locked onto Toby’s and the three of them became one unit of fucking bodies. The three of them worked it, hard. Ella’s voice was getting louder and louder.


At that moment, they realised Ella was cumming.


They could feel her trap tighten around their members.

“I’m close man-” said Toby. “I’m gonna plant my seed and win this fucking thing-“

“Not before I do, fucker! I’m ready to burst.”

Cory looked down at Toby, and saw in his face that he wasn’t lying. He was close he was to blowing his load.

No. NO!

He had to stop it. He had to be the dad; the one to generously gift this girl the privilege of his progeny. He did the only thing he could think of to get Toby to back off the point of no return.

Cory learned down and kissed his best friend on the lips.

Toby’s eyes opened wide with shock, but it was too late. Cory could feel his mate’s cock give a tremendous shudder and it squirted his man-load, pump after pump, into her pussy.

After the first jet, mouth still locked onto Toby’s, Cory felt his huge member expand, his balls tighten, and his first load burst forward. Together, thrusting and moaning like crazy, the two of them filled her pussy, sowing their wild oats, their loads mixing together to make the perfect combination of hunky surfer sperm.

After ten seconds, their cocks shuddered to a stop in side her. They pulled their lips apart.

“Fuck.” They said in unison, looking into each other’s eyes.

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