Mary 99

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Big Tits

Mary was a 18 year old girl with natural blond hair blue eyes and a face as pretty as any you would see in a magazine. She stood about five foot three inches tall and weighed about 102 pounds. Her measurements were 32C-23-34 and she was a virgin looking to get laid and then experiment!

She was the last of five girls Bud dated and each was a virgin when he started dating them! Bud was a normal guy of 5’10” and had brown hair and eyes he weighed about 150 and played all types of sports. He was a very athletic person and looked good to every girl in school. He had deflowered quiet a few girls during his 9-12 years in high school. But Mary was a challenge and Bud loved challenges.

He had been alone with Mary three times. The first time he got to see those virgin 32C breasts and in fact had sucked and squeezed them and played with the nipples which were bright red, very long and very hard.

The second time he actually got her to feel his cock and when he told her to put her hand inside his pants she did it! She squeezed his cock like he squeezed her breasts! She had jerked him off making him cum all over her and him! He had rubbed her pussy on the outside of her very tight jean shorts and sucked her breasts as she climaxed on his hand!

The third time he was going to be alone with her was tonight at her house! Her parents were going to the beach house they had and she was to drive down the next day sometime. She had to work until 9PM and Bud was scheduled to meet her at 9:30PM at her house. He could hardly wait since she told him she wanted to make love again like they had done earlier that week. It was in the backseat of his dad’s big car and he had her dry fuck him until she reached orgasm! He had licked her pussy and got her off again before driving her home.

Mary’s head was spinning as she got out of his car and walked to her front door. She went to her bed and masturbated so hard she climaxed twice! But she had not had a cock in her pussy yet and she was dam sure going to try to have one tonight when Bud came to her house. She was scared and excited. If she could just keep her courage up she wouldn’t be a virgin when he left. She wanted his cock to be the first to break her in. But, Mary was already thinking about other guys. Guys like John who a few girls had told her about. He had a very thick hard cock, one of the thickest in school according to the girls who had been with a few guys.

She closed her eyes and dreamed about a thick cock pumping her tight little pussy and making her scream a she rocked and rocked on it cumming again and again. When she woke up the next morning her panties were soaked and she realized she had had a wet dream, maybe two. She was so fucking horny. She could hardly wait until 9:30PM tonight when Bud would be with her. She really hoped he would lick her again too. She rally liked her pussy licked by a long fat tongue and Bud had a good one. Well at least it was good for her first time. She would have to experiment with tongues too. Mary said goodbye to her parents and took a shower and played with herself again as she cleaned her body! She was so fucking horny.

She squatted in the shower and used the showerhead to stimulate her spread pussy. She could feel the pulse of the water hit her cunt and the pleasure was so nice. She rubber her clit as she held the showerhead closer to her opening. She felt wave after wave of pleasure flowing into her body. She knew she was going to cum and then seconds later she did! She moaned as the force of the water hit her wide-open pussy. She pressed the head directly against her pussy as her cunt vibrated against the pulsating action of the water. OH god! This felt so nice. She loved the feeling her body gave her when she reached orgasms like this one. It was long and hard and seem to go on and on. She couldn’t stand it any more she had to be fucked by a cock tonight. She had to se how it felt inside her sweet little pussy.

Her fingers and her hairbrush and all those other things she had put in her cunt were not going to satisfy bahis firmaları her lust tonight. Tonight she needed a cock! GOD! It was only 4:30PM! Five more hours before Bud would be here. She had 30 minutes to dress and get to work. She rushed and somehow made it just in time. The afternoon and early evening went by so dam slow. Finally 9PM came and she bolted out of the mall and into her car. She arrived home in 10 minutes. She showered and made herself squeaky-clean. She was combing her long blond hair when the doorbell rang.

She took the stairs 3 at a time and bumped her shin on one of them. Cussing as she hurried to the door, she opened it and Bud was standing there looking good enough to eat. She pulled him in quickly and closed the door. Only one light was lit in the family room and all the drapes were closed. Mary was scared someone would see Bud come into her house and tell her parents who insisted “No boys” in the house when they were away. But, tonight Mary knew she was going to break more than that one rules. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him letting his long tongue slip in between her teeth. She sucked it and sucked on it as she felt his hands on her ass already.

She smiled to herself thinking: Bud you’re as horny as I am baby.”

Bud broke the kiss and looked at her taking in all of her young beauty. Like most young guys, he really didn’t realize what a beautiful sexy woman Mary had became. Only an older guy or man could appreciate Mary’s beauty. Her firm full tits, her small waist, her small round hips and full ass could only really be appreciated by an older more experienced guy. She was spectacular and a natural blonde. Bud asked: “Your parents gone?”

Mary smiled and told him: “Yes! They left this afternoon. I have to join them tomorrow some time.”

Bud smiled and said; “I got a movie for us to watch. It’s porno and I have heard it’s a good one. Lots of fucking and sucking in it. My kind of movie Mary and I hope your kind of movie too.”

Mary smiled and told him: “Set it up while I get us a drink and something to snack on.”

She came back with two large cokes and a huge bowl of popcorn. She also had chips and a bottle of rum. Bud sat on the floor and she sat next to him! he said: “You know Mary we have been dating for a long time now. I really want to show you my love baby. Do you think we can do it tonight. I’m so horny for you. I mean I’m SO horny for you baby!”

She smiled and told him: “Well let’s watch the movie and then we can talk about it Bud. You know I love you but I’m scared baby. Really scared!”

He told her: “I promise to be gentle and safe and easy. I’m telling you Mary it feels so good. So fucking good. And we know we love each other and this would show us both how much.”

She said: “We’ll see Bud! That’s all I can promise you right now.”

Bud turned on the movie and they held each other as they watched it. The story was about a young girl who lived in the mountains and one day she got lost. She met a man who looked to be much older than she was and he took her to his house. They made love as it snowed outside. He licked her pussy and made her cum. She cried out as she reached her orgasms. Mary was wet between her legs and she could see Bud’s big hardon sticking up in his pants. She kissed him and took her hand and began to lightly stroke over his very hard cock.

He moaned as he felt her hand rubbing him. He cupped her breast and licked her neck and kissed her again and again. He pulled her to him and she rested her head on his shoulder. As they watched more of the movie, the man watched the young girl sucking his cock as he held her head. Moans were coming out of his mouth as she sucked him. Mary had unzipped Bud’s jeans now and had his big cock sticking up in the air pointing at the ceiling. She smiled when it jumped and the big red cock head was shinning with pre-cum,

She watched the girl sucking the cock in the movie and asked: “Have you ever had your cock sucked like that guy in the movie?”

Bud told her: kaçak iddaa “Yes! A few times Mary. Why do you want to suck it?”

She looked him in the eye and said; “I want to try it!”

Bud smile got huge and he said: “OK! I’ll tell you how to do it!”

They watched the movie for a few more minutes and they saw the guy begin to cum in the girl’s mouth and all over her face. She licked and sucked him until he was completely done with his orgasm.

Mary told Bud: “You have to promise me you won’t cum if I do suck your cock. I don’t want to have a mouth full of cum like she did.” Mary was pointing at the TV.

Bud told her: “I promise I will tell you went I’m almost ready and you can finish me off with your hands like we did the other day.”

She asked: “So, what do I do first?”

Bud told her: “Some people like to lick it like a ice cream and suck it like a lollypop. You put your mouth over the head and suck on it as you move your head up and down. You also use your hand to pump it up and down. It’s like fucking only you use your mouth and hand. That’s how you start.”

She bent down and Bud felt her warm breath on his thighs. Then he felt her tongue lick his cock for the first time. She licked it again and again. He was rock-hard when her mouth covered the fat red mushroom head for the first time. He moaned as he felt her suck and pump her head up and down. He used his hands to gently help her move her hands getting into a steady motion. She would take 3 or 4 inches in her mouth and then come back to the head. His balls were tight and he knew he was close. But he didn’t say anything. Mary took her mouth off his cock but continued to pump it with her hands. She asked: “What is this wet stuff I keep tasting?”

He told her: “Oh! That’s called pre-cum and it wouldn’t hurt you.”

He pushed her head gently back down until her mouth was once again covering the thick cock head. She was enjoying it more than she felt she would. It was getting her hot seeing a big cock up close, real close. And, she examined all of it, his balls, under them, his shaft and cock head. She used her tongue to tickle him in his pee hole and made him jump. She was having a fun time and Bud moved her around and bent over her back and was using his hand to rub over her ass and cupping her pussy as she licked and sucked him.

She wondered if he could feel how wet she was? As she sucked his cock and he played with her pussy he slide his hand under her athletic shorts with the baggie leg openings she wore especially so Bud could get to her pussy tonight! He cupped her cunt with only her panties between his hand and her flesh. She knew he could feel her wetness now. But she didn’t care. Thinks were going slow and easy and she was sure she was going to let him fuck her. She sucked hard as Bud stroked her pussy on the outside of her wet panties. She had small bikini panties on, hip huggers she called them. She felt him pull one the leg openings away from her leg and move his hand over her naked flesh covering her entire pussy now with his hand.

He could feel her wetness and her heat now. She moaned as he slowly moved his finger up and down the slit between her thighs. She popped his cock out of her mouth long enough to say: “Oh Bud! Oh god baby that feels so good!”

He pushed her head back on his cock. She could feel it throbbing in her mouth as it grew even harder and thicker. She was wondering if he remembered that he was going to tell her when he was about to cum. Bud worked his hand and fingers like a pro on Mary’s pussy and she forgot all about his cumming.

He pulled her panties out away from her body more and had both hands between her legs as he worked her pussy with all his skills. He wanted Mary to cum on his hands as she sucked his cock. Then he would try to eat her pussy and fuck her. She moaned again and Bud watched her small hips begin to rock on his two fingers he had in her pussy hole. His other hand was trying to stroke her clit. He was bent over her ass and it was a little difficult getting his hand kaçak bahis in there to rub it. But he could finger her easily.

She was pumping her cunt on his hand now and he knew she was close to cumming. He was too! He hoped he could hold off until she went off first. And then she did!

She sucked his cock so hard it hurt and her small beautiful young body rocked and pumped as her cunt squeezed his fingers tight. She moaned and let his cock slip out of her mouth as she began to orgasm. Her body fucked on his fingers now and Bud watched her round beautiful ass humping and her cunt squeezing down on his fingers as she started to cum. He could feel her sticky wetness on his fingers and hand as Mary achieved a wonderful orgasm from Bud working on her body.

Mary kept saying: “Oh Bud OH Bud! Oh Bud! OHHHH! OHHHHH OHHHHH! YESSSS!”

Bud held her as she came up to him slowly rocking her pussy on his hands now finishing her climax. She moaned in his ear and licked his neck. He kissed her and held her tight as his hand stayed between her legs cupping her pussy and feeling it throb and pulse in his wet hand.

After about 3 or 4 minutes Mary pulled his hand out from between her legs and watched as Bud licked his fingers. She asked him: “How do I taste?”

He said: “Sweet! Wonderful baby! All virgins taste sweet and wonderful. But you are so clean and fresh all the time you are especially sweet.”

She held him and kissed him. Then she asked: “Would you like me to suck you some more Bud?”

He told her: “Well you know I would rather make love to you. Can we fuck Mary? I’m so hot and horny! God just look at my cock!”

She looked down and could see he was in pain. He had gotten her off and she felt she should do the same. She told him: “Let me suck you Bud. If you cum it will be OK. I’ll try to take it in my mouth.”

He sat up and got on the sofa now and she knelt in front of him. His big cock was sticking up and she bent her head down over the cock head again. He lifted up and she pulled his jeans down to his feet! Bud had no underwear on. She pumped his shaft with her hand and sucked as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. Minutes later he was instructing her and she did everything he told her to do. He held her head and knew he was seconds away from cumming now.

She felt his cock thicken again and get harder and hotter. He told her: “Oh Mary! Oh God baby! I’m going to cum! Oh yes! OH Suck me hard NOW! YESSSSSS! OH YES BABY! YESSSS!!!”

She sucked so hard her cheeks were caved in and her hands were moving very fast up and down his shaft squeezing it as she pumped them. When the first shot of cum hit the back of her throat it socked her with the force. But she kept her mouth over the head and continued to suck it. Load after load of Bud’s warm thick cum filled her mouth and then ran out of it. He moaned: ”Swallow it Mary. Swallow it baby!”

She looked up into his eyes as her mouth never moved off his cock. She remembered that the girl in the movie sucking and licking the man continued until he was completely done. She didn’t know what to do, so she took a deep breath and swallowed all of his cum. It wasn’t bad at all! A little salty and bitter but Mary didn’t care she was happy she had pleased her man. She kept sucking Bud’s cock until he lifted her head and slid down on the floor again next to her. He held her and told her what a great job she did. He kissed her and tasted his cum. He pulled her to him and held her tight as her lower body moved over his. He rubbed her between her thighs from the back making sure he stroked that wonder sweet yound ass of hers.

The movie was now showing two guys with the young girl. She was sucking one as the other one was fucking her. Mary watched the movie and moaned when both men were fucking the girl. One was fucking her mouth while the other fucked her pussy. Bud was kissing Mary’s naked breasts now and she she looked up at him and said: “Let’s go upstairs Bud. I want to show you how much I love you!”

They stood up and walked arm in arm up the stairs to her bedroom. This was the moment they both had waited for and wanted now more than anything in their lives. Each had their own reasons, but tonight Mary was going to get fucked!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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