Mating Rituals Ch. 15

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Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This is the fifteenth chapter of the ‘Mating Rituals’ series – it is a standalone story but will make more sense if you read chapters 1 to 14 first (and why would you not want to do that?).


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From: Ryan

To: Sophie

Jan 4 12:24:13pm

Hi darling, just a quick note to let you know we’ve arrived safely in Auckland, New Zealand. Summer here (of course) and quite warm and humid. Apparently Auckland’s like this in summer. Have to go catch the coach into town. Hayley sends her love. XX

From: Sophie

To: Ryan

Jan 3 08:42:54am

Great to hear from you, honey, even if only a short note. Miss you already; feeling horny for your cock. Will have to borrow someone else’s for the night. Looking forward to hearing more about your flight and trip. XX

From: Ryan

To: Sophie

Jan 4 02:36:47pm

That’s better, we’re settled into our accommodation in the center of town. Our room’s great, have small view of the harbor. A beautiful city, islands in the harbor, boats everywhere. You can see why they are contenders for the Americas Cup; seems lots of people sail. We were taken along the waterfront drive and there were little kids in little yachts competing just off the beach. They seemed to be having great fun.

Anyway, the flight over here was long but far from boring. Hayley and I sat next to each other and after we’d been given dinner, normal airline fare, Hayley asked for a blanket ‘cos she was cold. Yeah right, as they say here, she was hot and horny, not cold. Could be the vibrations in the plane were making her feel sexy. Shucks, and I thought it was sitting next to me that did that. Lol. Anyway she spread the blanket over our laps and after the dinner remains had been cleared they dimmed the cabin lights so we could sleep. Sleep? Far from Hayley’s mind. First I knew was a hand unzipping my fly and pulling out my cock. She turned towards me and began kissing me as she jacked my rapidly hardening cock. I kinda guessed what she wanted so reached for her waistband to find it was already loosened and she had her hand in her pants. I followed the fingers and took over stroking her clit, which was well coated in her lube. She was hot alright! I felt her spreading my precum over the head of my cock as the feelings increased, pushing me gently towards a release. I could tell she was almost there too as her hips began making fucking motions under my hand. I glanced at the woman in the window seat next to me but she seemed to be asleep, so I continued what I was doing and after only a couple more minutes Hayley came. She managed to supress most of her scream, just letting a few soft sounds out as she squirmed under my hand. I kept stroking her gently and she kept cumming until at last she whispered ‘No more’ in my ear. I stopped and let her come down from her high. She released my cock and was soon gently snoring.

My surprise came when I felt a hand on my cock again a few minutes later. I looked at Hayley but she was still most definitely asleep, so I looked towards my other neighbour and she had a smile on her face as she watched me. ‘My turn now’ she whispered in my ear, ‘Please’. She pulled the blanket over her hips and moved my hand to her crotch. I found she had already pulled her skirt up to her waist and she pushed my fingers under the elastic on her panties. ‘Please’ she moaned in my ear again. What could I do? I quickly spread her fluids over her clit and lips and was soon finger fucking her as she bit her lower lip to remain silent. She turned to me again ‘I’m Laura’ she told me. I told her my name and she began jacking my cock, spreading more precum over it and doing a very good job of arousing me. Then she began panting softly as she approached her orgasm but before she got there she reached down and grabbed a handful of my balls, then she came, squeezing my balls hard as she did so, pulling them down my trouser leg as far as she could. There she was, cumming on my hand as I continued to stroke her clit while she inflicted agony on me. We were both writhing, her in ecstasy, me in pain. I stopped my stimulation and then she gradually loosened her death grip on my balls and released them. She turned towards me and kissed me, then whispered in my ear ‘Sorry, I always get carried away when I cum’. She withdrew her hand and was soon also gently snoring.

So I sat there between two satisfied, sleeping women, still horny as hell. What to do? I just sat and it seems I dozed off after a while. illegal bahis I was woken by Laura moving to undo her seat belt. ‘I need toilet’ she whispered. ‘If you want to join the mile high club wait a few moments then follow me.’ She pushed past my knees and also somehow past Hayley’s knees without appearing to disturb her and headed to the bathroom at the rear of the cabin, away from the stewards’ area. I waited for a short time then also pushed past Hayley and headed rearwards.

I found her cubicle – she’d left the door slightly ajar and she reached out and grabbed me as I went past, quickly shutting and locking the door behind me. It was cramped in there, but she’d already stripped and wasted no time in stripping me. ‘I need to fuck’ she told me as she pushed my trousers down, holding them while I stepped out. ‘Now’ she added.

I reached around her and cupped her ass cheeks, then lifted her and pressed her back to the wall as she wrapped her legs around my hips. I lowered her, feeling my hard cock finding her gaping wet opening and sliding up into her love hole. It felt so good and she was so hot in there! We began fucking like there was no tomorrow and within a very few minutes she reached her orgasm as I spurted my pent up cum deep inside her.

‘Welcome to the mile high club’ she whispered in my ear. ‘Thank you. Is this your first time like this?’ I asked her. ‘No, I usually manage to seduce at least one guy on each long haul flight’ she confessed. ‘Lucky me’ I replied.

We wiped up the mess then dressed and she left first, while I waited a few minutes before returning to my seat. As I pushed past Hayley she looked up at me and once I was seated she whispered ‘Did you have fun?’. I was a little concerned in case she decided to start some sort of argument, but I told her that I’d had fun and was now a member of the mile high club. ‘Good, you can help me join in a while then’ was her reply, as she closed her eyes once again and slept, or at least pretended to. After a few minutes I felt her hand once again fondling my cock under the blanket and I knew his exercise wasn’t finished for the night.

I must have dozed off because I awoke to pain in my balls as Hayley rhythmically squeezed them hard. Once I complained she stopped. ‘So you’re awake now. I’m heading to the bathroom and expect you there in a few minutes’ she told me, then stood and headed rearwards. I waited what I thought was long enough, gently stroking my cock while I waited so it would remain hard and ready, then quickly but quietly, so as not to wake the sleeping passengers, I headed for the bathroom. I saw the chink of light from the door she held slightly open and quickly stepped inside, locking the door after me.

Hayley was still dressed and wasted no time undressing me. She simply opened my zip, pulled my cock out, raised her skirt and waited. I pulled down her G string panties, holding them on the floor as she stepped out of them, then she pressed herself against me, our bodies holding her skirt up as she clasped her arms around my neck and pulled herself upwards, wrapping her legs around me. She then lowered herself, wriggling her hips to position her pussy directly over my cock before dropping suddenly, impaling herself on me. She remained in control, thrusting back and forth with her hips as she pulled herself up with her arms then let herself fall. Her clit was taking a great deal of her weight each time she dropped and this rhythmic pressure seemed to push her towards her release far quicker than the staccato rhythm moved me towards mine. In a very short time she was gasping and biting her lower lip, then she came hard, holding herself on my cock as her body seemed to go into spasms. She buried her face against my neck, stifling her scream, then slowly she relaxed. ‘Thank you, sweetheart’ she said. ‘Welcome to the club’ I replied. ‘Cum in me, honey’ she told me as she climbed off me and bent over the toilet bowl, holding her skirt up to allow me to enter her from behind. It was cramped but I managed to have a short but very enjoyable fuck which ended in me depositing a load of cum deep inside her love tunnel. After we cleaned up, she put her panties in my pocket and returned to her seat. I waited a few minutes than returned to mine, where she pulled my hand under the blanket and pressed it to her damp pussy. I took the hint and stroked her slowly until I heard soft snores from her. After that I also slept.

We awakened to dawn over the ocean and shortly afterwards we ate breakfast. I introduced Hayley and Laura to each other and they chatted very amicably across my chest, until I suggested that Hayley and I swap seats so they could chat together more easily. Neither woman would hear of it. Instead they rearranged the blanket and each took one of my hands to fondle her pussy while they quietly discussed what I was doing to each of them across my chest. It was, to say the least, a very interesting situation, especially when Laura suggested they see who could cum first while I stroked them. They each instructed me what to do and within a few moments Laura illegal bahis siteleri closed her eyes and came hard on my fingers. Hayley watched her and the sight of her enjoying her orgasm while I was stimulating her pussy was too much and she also came on my hand, managing to suppress her sounds by biting her lower lip.

Once she’d cum and I’d stopped stimulating my two lovers, Hayley looked across the aisle and noticed a young woman watching with a huge smile on her face. The woman leant over to Hayley and I heard her say ‘Bet you enjoyed that one’. Hayley nodded and smiled in reply.

The stewardess collected our eating utensils and tidied the cabin. As we were descending, Laura and I exchanged contact details just in case we found ourselves at a loose end in each other’s location. As it turned out, she only lives about sixty miles away from us so I suggested that we could all meet up for a weekend, either at her place or ours; she agreed. Soon we were landing and before we knew it we were walking through the airport, through immigration and customs, then were met by our coach driver, Gene, and tour guide, Heidi. Both would have been mid-thirties, I would guess; Gene is apparently a very experienced tour coach driver while Heidi has a Ph.D. in engineering. The coach took us to our hotel, where Hayley and I have settled into our room, and we have the afternoon to explore and relax before a briefing this evening. Hayley’s dozed off as I’ve been writing to you, so I’ll wake her and we’ll go for a walk and see what we can find.

I love you darling and I hope you’re not too upset by the fun I had on the flight. More later. XXXX

From: Sophie

To: Ryan

Jan 3 04:20:32pm

Hi honey, thanks for the long email. Sounds like you really did have fun on the flight over. No, I’m not mad, but it will require some punishment in the Dungeon on your return. Possibly something trivial, like having a truck run over your balls, might be appropriate. Lol. You’re just lucky you have a tolerant fiancée. Good to know you’re enjoying yourself; it gives me absolute freedom to enjoy myself also, not that I needed that as I intend to anyway.

As your cock’s not available, I’ve decided I’ll sleep with Mom and Dad tonight. I kinda feel like having Al’s huge cock filling an empty space. Frank also asked me if I wanted to have my clit bar fitted while you’re away so most of the healing can be done by the time you return. I’d actually been putting it off because I know it’ll be really really painful, but his suggestion makes sense, especially as we were making love in his bed, where I spent last night, and he wouldn’t let me cum until I agreed. I managed to hold out for about 25 minutes, much to Karen’s amazement, before finally giving in and agreeing, then cumming really hard. Karen didn’t help by twisting and squeezing my tits. So tomorrow’s the big day, hence my desire to be really well fucked by Al tonight. By this time tomorrow your fiancée will have a gold bar through her clit. I’ll send you a photo. It’s also good timing because I can take the weekend to recover before my meeting with prof next Monday. I do hope my research can start soon.

Nothing much else has happened here. I do miss you but know that this is all part of loving each other like we do. If we were together all the time we may find that our love would become so commonplace that it would simply be taken for granted. You see couples like that on the streets, walking together out of habit but paying attention to everything and everyone else except their partner. Please don’t let us ever become like that, honey.

Anyway, must go and help prepare food in the kitchen. Have fun. Love you. XXXXXX

From: Sophie

To: Hayley

Jan 03 04:42:52pm

Hi Hayley, just thought I’d say ‘Hi’. He tells me that you’re looking after him with a little help – good to hear. Fuck him well tonight – by the sounds of the flight fun with you and Laura he deserves it. He’ll probly tell you so I’ll tell you too – I’m having my clit bar fitted tomorrow. I’m really nervous because there are just so many nerves in the clit, but Frank tells me it’ll be fine and I’ll be enjoying it before I know. He also wouldn’t let me cum last night until I’d agreed – bastard! Karen thought it amusing.

Have fun and look after our man. Love XXXXX

Jan 5 08:14:27pm

From: Ryan

To: Sophie

Hi darling – how are you? Guessing you’ve got a bar in your clit by now – hope it’s not too painful for you.

Had an interesting day today. Hayley and I made love last night – evening and morning. Great way to start the day, as you know. We had a briefing last evening, just detailing places we’re going and showing on a map of the North Island where places are. Then today we went on a tour of some of the engineering things around Auckland, including the harbour bridge, which was originally 4 lanes and then they added an extra 2 lanes each side. More recently the add-ons started cracking so they had to be strengthened while heavy traffic was confined to the original central lanes. canlı bahis siteleri

We also went on a tour of a water supply dam for Auckland city, which is really big compared with the size of New Zealand – there’s 4.5 million people in NZ and about a third of them live in Auckland. The main problem is transportation because the roads are inadequate, especially at rush hours, and because it’s so spread out rail and bus transportation is not really efficient. People here seem to all want to use their cars anyway, causing clogging of roads and huge traffic jams. Funny people these kiwis, as they call themselves, named after a flightless nocturnal bird.

Then we toured the sewage treatment station to see how they purify wastewater so it can be safely put into the ocean. After that was a tour of a place called Kelly Tarlton’s, a marine aquarium that was an old sewage treatment station but now houses all sorts of salt water fish. Really great educational complex and it’s cool watching sharks swim above you as you walk through a plexiglass tunnel under the water.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to a seaside city called Tauranga. We’ll be staying there for a few nights, right near the main ocean beach they tell us, and be looking at a few environmental projects as well as some small hydroelectric installations in the hills.

Love as always XXXXXX

Jan 5 08:20:16pm

From: Hayley

To: Sophie

Hi Sophie. Thanks for the email. As Ryan probably told you, I am looking after him Ok. Twice a night should keep him happy but not exhausted, although probably exhaustion would be a good idea if you’ve got a clit bar. How’d it go? Sounds like it would be horrendously painful. I certainly don’t want it done – well, not yet anyway.

I guess Ryan’s told you all the news – he’s emailing as I write this. I’m looking forward to Tauranga – the place sounds idyllic with the accommodation right beside the Pacific Ocean. Don’t tell Ryan but I have a secret goal to take him swimming naked at night in the moonlight in the ocean and make love to him with the waves washing over and around us. Ooohhh, it makes me squirm each time I think of it. Just hope I don’t get sand in my pussy – that could be a bit painful I’d think.

Anyway, recover quickly and will write more later. Love XXXXX

Jan 04 04:40:46pm

From: Sophie

To: Ryan

Well, that was an experience I really would rather not repeat, at least not soon. I went to Frank’s clinic and we chatted for a while as I undressed and lay on the table. He rubbed my pussy gently, stimulating my clit until I was feeling really horny. He then stopped (dammit) and examined my clit closely. He told me he wanted to use some suction on it to make it bigger, so I agreed and he fitted a small glass tube over it with some lube around the base to keep the suction in, he said, then fitted it to a pump and began sucking the air out. I watched as my clit enlarged, swelling to fill the width of the tube and gradually lengthening to move up the tube. Then he turned off the tap and removed the hose, leaving it like it was for a few minutes as he continued to stimulate me with his finger in my pussy. I felt myself becoming really aroused again and told him so, but he kept doing it until I came on his finger. It was wonderful; my enlarged clit seemed to be so sensitive and the pulses of sensation just roared through me. He slowed down and then removed his finger and I lay quietly, my breathing returning to normal.

He then released the valve and my clit shrank a little bit, but even after he removed the tube it still remained incredibly large. He then pulled the hood back with the ring at the top rather that over my clit (I don’t even know if it would’ve fitted over it) and then told me it was all ready. He explained that having enlarged my clit allowed him to place the bar further from the end, which meant my clit would stay longer all the time. Sounded good to me.

He then took out a tapered needle and sterilized it and my clit after he fitted sterile gloves. He then used some special tools to separate my clit from the hood and to stretch the clit to make it longer before he asked if I was ready. I nodded. He pushed the needle through my clit!! Yeowww!! It was incredibly painful but he kept up the pressure and finally the needle went all the way through. He told me to breathe, so I did, and gradually the pain reduced. He wiped away the blood and held a mirror so I could see my clit with a needle sticking crosswise through it. He asked how it felt and I said it felt painful but I thought it looked good. He smiled and told me that now he’d fit the bar.

He took the bar and sterilized it after removing a ball from one end. He then fitted the threaded end into the wider part of the needle then pushed the needle through further with the bar. The movement of the needle inside my clit caused huge pain once again and I bit my lower lip to prevent myself screaming the place down. However, I had my head propped up so could watch as the needle slowly went through, stretching the hole so that the bar was able to follow the needle. It was a relief when the large end of the needle popped out the other side and the smaller bar was right through. A few seconds and Frank had removed the needle and screwed on the ball and it was all over.

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