Measuring Windows

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As she saw Jon’s car disappearing down the driveway Jane sat looking out the window for a few minutes. She was tired. They’d had a small party last night to celebrate her leaving her job at the research institute, and in a way to celebrate her new job, which was going to be quite a challenge.

She got up, put their dishes in the sink and went back to bed. She set the timer for one hour; she’d shower and go out when she got up. After the casual arrangements and dress at research she’d need some new clothes.

When she got out of the shower she dried off and stood in front of the mirror. Not bad for thirty-five with two kids, she thought. Hardly any noticeable stretch marks, and if her breasts sagged just a bit her legs were still long and straight.

She started to dress and had on stockings and reaching for her bra when the doorbell rang. Who could that be? She looked at the clock, ten o’clock. Then she looked around the curtain at the front door. Mister Fisher! She’d forgotten completely about Mister Fisher and measuring the windows.

She slipped on a robe, went to the front door and as she let Mister Fisher in she apologized for not being ready.

“And this new lad, Jimmy, I’m showing the ropes. Sort of like an apprentice.” He smiled. “He’s been working down at the shop and knows about glass, but I want to get him used to measuring windows. I hope we’re not disturbing you.” He said as he eyed her legs showing as her robe separated slightly.

“No, not at all.” She smiled. “Dirty old man.” She thought noting where his eyes went. “I’ll have to be more careful.”

She told them to go ahead and let her know when they needed to see the upstairs. She went back up to the bedroom and started to go through her clothes to see what she had that would be suitable for the new job. She was so engrossed in what she was doing that when she went from the master bedroom to the front bedroom with just her panties on she didn’t see Mister Fisher coming up the stairs. He stopped: she stopped: for a moment they stood looking at each other, or rather she was looking at him and he was looking at her breasts. She bounced back into the master bedroom and grabbed her robe.

When she came out again she and Mister Fisher said simultaneously:

“I’m sorry I…………..” They both laughed as Jane continued, “…….I had forgotten you were here Mister Fisher.” She was blushing, but having Harvey Fisher see her breasts had a strange effect on her. An effect she couldn’t explain. Having this older man see her half naked was turning her on, and she felt warmness and wetness between her legs.

He told her that he had to go to an emergency job that had just come up, but he’d be back tomorrow. However tomorrow wouldn’t work for Jane, but she had an idea.

“Is Jimmy proficient enough to take these measurements alone?”

“Well, yes, but it take two to be sure of the measurement. Someone has to hold the end of the tape at exactly the right spot. If you’re off a half inch that could bollix the whole thing.”

“Couldn’t I do that?” Jane went on.

So they agreed that he’d go back to the shop with Jimmy, who’d drive his own car back and Jimmy and Jane would do the upstairs measurements. Harvey Fisher göztepe escort was disappointed. He loved being around a woman like this, and it didn’t happen very often. The glimpse he’d had of her leg first thing when he’d arrived was nice, but that last thing, the view he’d had of her lovely breasts was frosting on a delicious cake. As he drove back to the shop he was wondering if he had time to jack-off at the shop before he went to replace the broken window, or if he should wait. Maybe even wait until tonight with his wife, Lou, at home.

Jimmy grabbed a quick sandwich and a coke before returning to do the other windows. When he got there Jane was still in her robe and they went upstairs to the first bedroom. Jimmy liked the idea of working with Jane. For an older woman she was quite pretty and had a smashing figure — what he could see of it.

The window in the first bedroom was easy, but the second room had a taller window, so Jane skipped downstairs to get a step stool. When she got back she insisted that he should take the measurement at the bottom while she stood on the stool. Jimmy had to kneel and was level with her legs at the bottom of her robe, level with her stockinged legs, and as he glanced up he saw…and dropped the tape.

“Sorry, Ma’am.” He said as he picked it up.

“Ma’am? What’s this ma’am? My name’s Jane and that’s what you must call me Jimmy.”

He tried again, but this time got into a better position so that he could see right up her robe. He could see above her stocking tops and, no it was too dark, he couldn’t see if she had panties on or if she did what color they were.

Okay, that room was done; they did a third bedroom that was used as a study, then into the master bedroom. There were two smaller windows and a large sliding door that led on to a balcony. Jimmy noticed the unmade bed with odd bits of clothing and some underwear on the floor.

“We’ll need the step stool again to get the slider.” He said.

“I’ll get it.” Jane answered.

She brought the stool and put it beside the window, but first they had to get the width, and dropping to one knee Jane held the end at the door jamb. As she did it her robe fell open showing her knee and just up to the edge of the dark band of the stocking top.

Poor Jimmy was suffering. He was trying to hide the erection that was pushing out of his trousers, and starting to leave a wet spot. The next step was to measure the door’s height, and to do this Jane stood on the top step of the step stool, holding the tape at the top of the window. At the same time Jimmy knelt down with the tape at the floor and read the value he saw.

As he crouched on the floor Jimmy wasn’t looking at the tape, but up at Jane’s legs. Jane knew what he was up to and moved her right leg just a couple of inches so that he got a clear view of what was between her thighs. As she did so she felt her heart pounding with excitement. Was she mad? She wondered. What was she doing letting this boy see up her skirt? She’d never done anything like this before.

As he fumbled with the tape measure he looked again, yes, she didn’t have any panties on. He could see the dark mat of hair between her white thighs, the whiteness of which was kurtköy escort accentuated by her black stockings, especially the dark band at the top.

He stood up as Jane got down, and they stood facing each other for a moment then Jane leaned forward and kissed him. Yes, she was quite mad she realized, and for a moment he was taken aback, then he returned the kiss and reached out to take her in his arms. Jimmy wasn’t a very experienced kisser, and resisted at first when Jane’s tongue pressed against his lips, but soon yielded and their mouths became locked in a French kiss, tongues meeting, intertwining, exploring each other’s mouths and all the time drinking in each others saliva.

Jane undid Jimmy’s shirt, and opened her robe to press her breasts against his smooth chest. More kissing, kissing, kissing and his hand reached down to touch and stroke that mat of hair that he’d just seen. Jane’s hand felt the hard lump jutting from his pants, then unzipped to touch it. It was dripping wet.

Kissing his chest, his belly, she knelt down, and pulling his penis out of his trousers, with some difficulty because it was so big and hard. She took it in her mouth. The salty taste of the juice leaking from Jimmy’s penis was lovely Jane thought, as, her heart pounding more than ever, she sucked and licked his stiff member.

Pulling back Jane looked up at him and asked if he liked what she was doing.

“Oh shit, yes Mrs. Will…I mean Jane.”

She stroked it and thought how beautiful this young cock was and as she went to put it back in her mouth it exploded. Part of the semen hit her lips, but she caught most of it in her mouth and proceeded to suck the thick cream down her throat. She didn’t really like the taste, but the texture and quantity were wonderful.

“I’m sorry.” Jimmy said. “It happened so quickly, and I got some on your face.”

“Don’t worry.” Jane smiled as she answered him. “I enjoyed it.” She got up and sat on the unmade bed crossing her legs.

Jimmy stood for a moment not knowing what to do, but when Jane patted the bed beside her he sat down. She asked him if he liked what she’d done and he said it was the most wonderful thing he’d ever experienced. He told her he had a girlfriend who occasionally gave him a hand job and he’d tried to get her to do other things but she refused. He told her he’d never had “the real thing”.

“The real thing. You mean you’ve never had sex?”

“No, never.” He looked away shyly as he said it.

“Would you like to fuck me?” Jane’s heart was pounding again. She’d never used the “F” word and just saying it, saying it to this boy, excited her. She realized that he wasn’t really a boy, but a young man. Many, maybe most, men of his age were already experienced, but the thought that he was a virgin excited her even more.

He didn’t reply but just looked at her. “Undress.” Jane told him, and as he took off his clothes she took off her robe and moved over on the bed to make room for him.

They lay naked, she naked except for the black stockings, and she took him in her arms and kissed him. Jimmy wasn’t sure about kissing her at first because his cock had just been in her mouth and filled it with his sperm. Soon he overcame pendik escort his hesitance and they were deep French kissing — and he was getting hard again.

Jane told Jimmy to touch her wherever he wanted, to kiss her anywhere, and he took the hint to start fingering her vagina and kiss her breasts. He sucked her nipples and kissed her all over, then went down and examined the secret they lay between her legs. He opened it and gazed at it. The outer hole seemed big, but the inner one was smaller than he’d expected, because he knew a baby came through that pink thing. He wanted to lick it as he’d heard men talk about, but was put off by the smell.

He touched her clitoris and she jumped, then he started to rub it with his finger and she gasped and groan with the pleasure it gave her. He inserted one, then two and finally three fingers in her, enjoying the pleasure it seemed to give her and he was surprised at how much she stretched until finally he had four fingers in her vagina and she reacted by pushing back against his hand.

“Oh god that feels good Jimmy. But fuck me now, fuck me.” She moaned.

He moved on top of her and slid his penis into her open, wet hole, and she gave a deep, deep groan of pleasure. She spread her legs wide; she wanted him deep inside her. She wanted to absorb him into her belly and reacted to his thrusts by pushing her hips forward to meet him.

Then he was fucking, fucking, fucking her deep, hard and fast. She wasn’t used to such youthful vigor and the fire spreading from between her legs, from her vagina, engulfed her body. She had a couple of brief climaxes which were very pleasant, but suddenly, catching her off guard, a huge orgasm shook her whole body. Her back arched and she couldn’t suppress a scream of pleasure.

“Are you alright?” Jimmy asked her as he stopped his action for a moment.

“More than alright.” She sobbed. “Don’t stop, please.”

He looked down at where his penis disappeared into her body. Her pink labia looked like a mouth swallowing his cock. Wait ’til he told his buddies about this! He watched his cock disappear into her and then went back to fucking her hard and deep, but he could hold off no longer, and Jane felt him ejaculate deep into her vagina. She squeezed him as if to get the last drops out, then relaxed with her legs wrapped around his back.

They stayed clasped together for several minutes, until Jane released him.

As he started to pull away, “That was wonderful, wonderful, the best fucking I’ve had in a long time. We should do it again soon.” That “F” word again. She’d have to be more careful.

“I can’t make you pregnant can I?” Jimmy asked nervously.

“No, you can’t, but next time you should use a condom. It’s safer for us both.”

“I’d like to come back tomorrow.” Jimmy said. “I want to fuck you again”

“Give me your phone number and I’ll get in touch with you.” Jane told him. She too wanted more.

She put her robe on as he dressed and walked with him to the front door. They kissed long, deep French and he ran his hand up between her legs and slipped his finger into her wet crevice, now matted and wet. As he walked down to his car he looked back over his shoulder but Jane had closed the front door.

They never met again because nothing worked out and in the meantime Jimmy found a young girl who satisfied his hunger. Jane often thought about that wonderful afternoon and never used the “F” word again until……….but that’s another story.

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